Bug Eyed

I took this image of the dragonfly at Indian Gardens while at the Grand Canyon.  The hike to Indian Gardens is almost a 10 mile round trip, and being in the horrible shape I am in, it nearly killed me.  The hike down was, naturally, easy as pie.  The hike up was a different story.  I don’t do well with elevation or uphill hiking so the combination of both nearly did me in….The only thing keeping me moving was the thought of having to be rescued by the rangers.  I knew if that happened no one would ever let me live that down…My word of advice to the adventurer in the Grand Canyon…TAKE A MULE!  Haha, but seriously, I felt so proud of myself for doing it, but it was definitely a ruff day.

Anyhow, I love little winged creatures.  I feel like maybe I’m showing too much macro work but I just love it too much.  I keep trying to push myself to shoot other things but I never love it quite as much.  I’ll work on posting something different soon, but until then…you can just be happy with what I give you!  Besides, who doesn’t love electric blue dragonflies with big ole bug eyes?   Too cute really.  Plus he was such an excellent model so I have to give him props.


One thought on “Bug Eyed

  1. I absolutly love how you bring nature to a whole new level, u slow it down and make me see it for what it really is, beautiful!

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