Maui Ocean Center

I took these images at the aquarium where I work.  The first photo is of a Garden Eel; a very mysterious creature whom is seldom seen by divers.  These shy guys bury themselves at first glance of an intruder.  In fact, in order to see them at the ocean center they must be displayed behind one-way glass.  This way they can feed on drifting plankton in peace.

The second photo is of Moorish Idols.  They are very commonly mistaken as angelfish.  In fact, I thought they were angelfish.  Luckily I work at a place where people actually know what they’re talking about so my mistake did not go uncorrected.  The day I took this photo they had just added new gravel to the tank, giving it this amazing milky look.  The light was just glorious and the fish were just dancing non-stop in the window.  One of my favorite photos I’ve taken in a while 🙂


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