Remember that stuff called film?

Well I do too.  And these two photos were taken on Fujichrome Velvia at the beginnings of my Brooks days in Santa Barbara, California.  I’m pretty sure I shot them for an assignment, but I’m not really sure which.  I do recall, however, that I chose neither to turn in.  Looking back I find I quite like them, or maybe it’s just the wonderful feelings of nostalgia I get when I look at film.  I really miss the magic of it all sometimes; I might just have to grab some film and kick it old school again.


5 thoughts on “Remember that stuff called film?

  1. Film is different indeed. Recently I switched to film and I absolutely love it! You can’t just click and delete image if you don’t like… it makes me put more thought in it. So, grab some film and enjoy!

  2. I’ve never dealt with film, unless those old point and shoots count. That being said, these two pictures are so pretty — but I’m such a sucker for leaves and flowers, it’s not even funny. Still, I love the colors, especially the red leaves. Red is such a beautiful color!

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