Deserted Islands

Sunset overlooking deserted islands Kaho’olawe and Molokini.  This was the last photograph I took after a long and wonderful drive around Maui’s eastern  side.  The light and the clouds were just pristine that evening.  The beauty here never ceases to amaze me.

The islands pictured are deserted.  They both closely neighbor Maui’s southeastern shore and stepping foot on either island without proper clearance is prohibited.  Kaho’olawe, the larger on the left, wasn’t always deserted, proof of Hawai’ian civilization can still be found today.  It was later used to support cattle ranching, and even later developed into a military bombing & training ground.  Kaho’olawe has only been protected since ’93 when it finally obtained its current status as “Island Reserve.”   Molokini, the smaller to the left, is the magical creation of a partially submerged volcanic crater.  The island is also protected, but as a state seabird sanctuary.  Diving off of Molokini is simply spectacular.  The water is beautiful and clear and you never know what you’ll see swimming by.  Definitely worth the boat trip.



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