Busy as a Bee

I really love to photograph flowers and the visitors they receive.  Bees are seriously some of the coolest creatures on the planet!  They are so important to the world we know; they help pollinate pretty much all the wonderful fruits and veggies we enjoy.  And then of course there’s the wonderful creation of honey, which is not only delicious but also has amazing antibacterial qualities.

The first set of photos were taken on Maui, up the slopes of Haleakala near Kula.  The designs of flowers are so amazing, especially because their sole purpose for looking so darn cool is to attract bees and other pollinating insects.  With these two images I really enjoyed the color combination of the red and yellow, plus they compliment the photograph below of the big ole bee.

This photograph of the bee was taken in Bar Harbor, Maine during my adventures as a Canon Photography in the Parks instructor.  I love photographing fat fuzzy bees, they’re so cute!  When photographing bees just remember to send the bees love.  In the words of Sue Monk Kidd, “Above all, send the bees love. Every little thing wants to be loved.”



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