Color vs. Black & White

It’s quite hard to decide sometimes.

These images were created using my monochrome setting in camera, and upon viewing the color versions, I am now quite torn.  The colors are so rich and fantastic, it’s just amazing.  Whereas the black and white forces your eye to notice the details more closely.  The texture, the way the light hits the surface of the leaf and the lines running throughout.  So I’d like to ask you, which do you prefer?





13 thoughts on “Color vs. Black & White

  1. You’re right that the colors are fantastic in these photographs. I think that the details come through just as successfully in the color versions as they do in the black and white. I prefer the color!

  2. These are amazing, I love hoe you placed the three images together. I reckon both colour and the black and white compliment each other and look incredible side by side!

  3. In color it is easy to be baffled by the first-order structures and have no further look. In B/W it seems more natural to see the underlying structures (e.g. betwwen the bright yellow lines in the right picture).

    Nothing prevents the viewer from having a second look at the color picture and find out the second order details! From a distance you can enjoy the striking colors and from nearby you can focus on the details.
    So to me: color has it both if you take the time!

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