No Correlation

These images have nothing to do with each other but I love ’em anyway.

They’re both created on Maui at very different times; the first was created soon after moving to the island on the Sugar Beach boardwalk, which spans between Ma’alaea and Kihei.  Just a peek over the railing and you’ll notice hundreds of spiders working their intricate webs throughout one another.  This particular spider was my favorite, it looked like it was just floating there in space.  Such patient little hunters they are.

This second photograph was created while I was living in Kihei out on my lanai (porch).  These Java Sparrows lived in a small hole in the side of the apartment complex.  Every morning they would be on the railing, chirping, chilling and looking way too cute.  I created quite a few images with the birds, but this was my favorite.  I just love how the palm frond frames them.


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