House of the Sun, Start of the Year

I hiked into Haleakala crater with some friends to celebrate the start of the new year.  Three days, two nights in the most amazing landscape.  The first day we hiked from the summit down sliding sands trail about 10 miles back to the Paliku cabin.  I wasn’t in the best hiking shape of my life when I embarked on this mission, so needless to say I was good and tired by the time we arrived.  We all managed to stay up and ring in the new year shouting as loud as possible into the vast wilderness that is Haleakala National Park.  It just feels so darn good to just shout out loud and only hear your echo’s response.  Definitely the most memorable new year celebration I’ve had to date.  We stayed our second night at Kapalaoa cabin and hiked out the last day on the trail commonly known as “switchbacks.”  One of the best experiences I’ve ever had, can’t wait to do it again. 🙂


View from sliding sands

Almost at the bottom of sliding sands

Lone tree seen through the foliage at Paliku

Happy New Year 2013

Moonlight of the New Year at Paliku

Earth & Sky

The Edge



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