Gardens of The Garden Isle

Kaua’i is called the “Garden Isle” for good reason; the island is lush and flourishing with life.  I especially love how dramatic it is; steep cliffs, waterfalls, rainbows and beautiful cloud formations were just the tip of the wonder iceberg.  It will go from beautiful & sunny to dark & rainy in no time at all; though it always seemed like the island was trying to work with you, anytime I needed sun it would appear, and it would wait to rain until I was driving, or at the most send down a very light mist to reveal more rainbows.  And who can complain about the sun shining, the lightest, most refreshing mist gently falling down upon you while you look up and witness the most perfect rainbow?  Needless to say, I had such a beautiful time there and I would like to send my warmest thanks to the island and its people.  I can see why Kaua’i holds such a special place in so many hearts.

Gardens of the Garden IsleSun BathingNatural AttractionWater TensionCanyons


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