The Wild & The Tame: Flowers of California

I’ve just recently returned from a wonderful jaunt about California.  My boyfriend and I traveled for two weeks through some of the most beautiful and diverse terrain the state has to offer.  With LA as our launching pad we set off: Big Sur to San Francisco, through closed Yosemite National Park, down the the Owen’s valley, then north to Clovis and finally back to LA.  We traveled without much regard for sleep and had such a blast!  Early morning was dedicated to photography, the day was for exploration & new experiences (like my first time rock climbing!) and the night was for friends.  The entire trip I constantly felt inspired by the new flora, fauna and textures of the world around me; my focus today is to share some of the flora I encountered along the way, whether wild growing or lovingly raised.

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4 thoughts on “The Wild & The Tame: Flowers of California

  1. Thanks for sharing these pix, Maddy! Beautiful… the bell-shaped reddish-orange one (third row down, right side) is my favorite 😉 ❤

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